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Medium 1.6 in. Translucent Colorful Plastic Dreidel

Medium 1.6 in. Translucent Colorful Plastic Dreidel

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Medium size 1.6 in. translucent plastic dreidel. Assorted color choices ~ dark blue, purple, teal, orange and yellow. Although pictured in a group, they are sold separately.

Ages 3+. 

Dreidel game rules:

Each player starts with ten pieces of gelt, pennies, or other coins. Next each player puts up one unit of gelt. The youngest player goes first by spinning the dreidel. The letter that faces up tells you what happens next! The player with the most gelt at the end wins.

NUN - Do nothing. next player goes.

GIMEL - Take all the money!

HEY - Take half the money.

SHIN - Pay in two pennies.